Your Name is Sister


Sr. Marie Roccapriore, MPF

Your name is Sister, a unique title, for it bears your unique relationship with others in a family with siblings, in a community with believers, in a society with diverse backgrounds, and most important, in a Religious Institute with consecrated women.

Your name is Sister, a revealing title, for it points to your service to God, the Church and others. The title outwardly reveals that God has chosen you to be a servant to carry out His plan to live the Gospel values in the world.

Your name is Sister, an identifying title, for you not only do the things of a Sister, but you are a Sister. You are one who claims the title of a religious woman, promising to live in poverty, chastity and obedience with Joy, and with an open heart, to share the fruits of your oblation with others for the purpose of leading them closer to Christ.

Your name is Sister, a significant title, for it conveys to the world that you no longer live for yourself, but for others; to teach them that sacrificial giving of oneself has significant value and that no gift is too great for Christ.

Your name is Sister, a sacred title, for through your personal prayer life and regard for the sacred truths of our Faith, you are able to inspire others to grow in the understanding and appreciation of the sacredness of God’s Word and the Gift of Life.

Your name is Sister, a respectful title, for when someone addresses you or calls your name, it resonates a tone of respect. The title distinguishes you from married persons and sets you apart from the materialism of the secular world.

Your name is Sister, a nurturing title, for it prompts you to share the light of your Baptismal grace with those who are thirsting for the “Living Waters” of the Spirit and for the nourishment of Communion with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Your name is Sister, a costly title, for it costs you all you are and have. It bears a reminder for you to live in total commitment to God every moment of your life in imitation of Brother Jesus, whose life and death brought redemption and salvation to all of humanity.