The Spirit stirred within me
Creating a passionate burning desire to be Yours.
When I accepted and welcomed Your precious

love to be a part of me,
Your presence filled me to overflowing.
A spark of praise and worship was ignited in the depths of my being.
Once slightly warm embers, now ablaze,
and  daily rekindling the love that I am called to bring to others.

If I remain open to the Breath of the very One, who first lit the flame,
then I am empowered to love and to live in such a manner
that fuels the flame in all those in my life -
those sent to me by the One True Light.

Lord, You bless me with the Dawning Light of each day.
Illumine the path of my journey
with the radiant glow of Your unconditional love.

Reach me with the glowing rays of your mercy and forgiveness.
Each day, may I become a more vibrant reflection
of the splendor of the Son.

Light of Christ


     Sr. Shirlee Tremont, MPF
    Vocations Director