Circle of Love


Sr. Patricia Martin, MPF
A band… a crucifix… soldered together, forming a ring
Symbol of commitment
Bond of eternal love
Precious metal
Adorning the finger of one who proclaims…
Her unconditional love.
Who would dare…
Take the risk,
Of vowing her life
To a Divine Lover?
Who would permit herself to be…
An extension of
His life – His love?
The lover was  - Lucy
The Beloved was – Christ Crucified.
In her union she was…
Free to teach
To care for the aged, the orphans.
To have compassion for…
The poor, the sinner.
To console…
The sick, the dying, the forgotten, the lonely.
Because of her total surrender…
St.Lucy lived a life of
Prayerfulness, serenity, & joy
It was a life of…
Service, availability, concern & love.
She was…
A religious woman, a servant,
a committed lover, a foundress,
a saint – whose life was
an unending circle of love.