A Modern Mary

by a Sixth-Grade Student at St. Bartholomew Academy


Sister Jeanette has touched the hearts of many students at St. Bartholomew Academy, as well as others throughout her life as a Filippini Sister.  Her caring and loving demeanor gives our school a motherly warmth.  Her jokes and stories at lunch brighten up my day.  Often she will pat me on the shoulder asking me if I’m going to finish my vegetables.  She gently reminds me to stay healthy and Sr. Jeannette’s sense of humor keeps me smiling.  She likes to be involved in what we are doing each day.


She is a modern Mary to me because she never gives up on people and is one with the Lord.  She, like Mary, loves God with all of her heart and will always say, “yes”.  She always makes it personal to congratulate us on achievements if we win a contest or a sports game.  She encourages me to keep achieving in all that I do.  Sister reads all of our essays and writing projects that are in the hall and comes to us as a class to praise us with good words of encouragement and tell us how proud she is of us.  Because she is such a sweet and kind person it is absolutely impossible to dislike her in any way.


Sister Jeannette is a good role model to be a modern Mary because there is no person so fit for the role.  There is no one like her in the world and no one could ever replace her.  I want to model her as my future and have her qualities of a nice, kind, honest, understanding, forgiving, and happy person.  She has a burning desire to spread God’s word and I admire that about her.  This is why Sister Jeannette is my perfect pick for a modern Mary.